About Jerky Shooter

Introducing the Jerky Shooter

by Jerky Shooter, Inc.

The easy way to make jerky or snack sticks from lean ground meats: beef, turkey, elk, venison, buffalo. High in protein, low in fat, easy to chew, fun to make!

Want to see how to make jerky with the Jerky Shooter? Read the full instructions.

Designed & Made in the USA

The Jerky Shooter, a machine designed to extrude jerky strips and shapes from ground meat, was designed and built by Bob Finlay, owner of BPE Inc., and his crew in 1995.

The Jerky Shooter was conceived after Finlay’s brother brought beef jerky made from ground beef to a family gathering at Christmas in 1994. At that time, making jerky consisted of the time consuming process of smashing a small meatball between two pieces of plastic or slicing muscle meat and soaking it in marinade for several days before dehydrating.

Patented Design

The Jerky Shooter is patented and we believe it to be the first of its kind to be marketed for home use. It is manufactured and assembled almost entirely at this location with only the tube and springs being made elsewhere in Kansas, thus we proudly label the Jerky Shooter as Made in the USA. U.S. PAT. No. D369,283.

While widely imitated (using foreign components), the Jerky Shooter is made with high quality parts and workmanship, guaranteed for a period of 6 months.

Jerky Shooter, A New Company

Jerky Shooter was incorporated in 1998, becoming a separate entity from BPE Inc. Having both companies under one roof makes for a more efficient operation.

To this day, Jerky Shooter production — including the tooling and plastic injection molding — is done by BPE Inc. in Emporia, Kansas.

The Jerky Shooter has been upgraded several times, bringing it to its present level. Various accessories and new items have been developed over the years to add functionality and improve performance.

DEFINITION: Jerky extruding machine using lean ground meats, seasoning, and cure to form flat jerky or round sticks and either dehydrating in an oven or dehydrator. Start to finish time can be as little as 2 hours using the oven or from 3 to 12 hours with a dehydrator depending on the dehydrator.

FAMILY FUN: Jerky is a nutritious, low in cholesterol treat when made with lean meats 90% lean or better. With the Jerky Shooter it is so easy that everyone, regardless of age, can join in the making and share the end result. Also, it is easy to fine tune the flavor to the taste buds of yourself or your family by adding some of your favorite seasonings to the prepared seasoning and cure that is supplied with the kit. Look in the cookbook for some seasoning ideas, also you may like to try something that tends to enhance the flavor without changing the basic flavor. Try adding 1 tbsp. of McCormick brand powdered Fajitas marinade or seasoning mix for every 2 pounds of meat. This is in addition to the basic seasoning and cure.