Individual Jerky Nozzles


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NOZZLE A Extrudes mock Baby Back ribs to bake, broil or charcoal.

NOZZLE B Extrudes mock slab spareribs to bake, broil, or charcoal.

Nozzles A & B make great finger food shapes for parties.

NOZZLE C Jumbo flat jerky nozzle 1 1/4 ” wide

NOZZLE D Log nozzle for extruding summer sausage, etc. 1 1/16″ dia.

NOZZLE E Log nozzle for extruding large snack sticks 5/8″ dia.

NOZZLE F Standard flat nozzle 3/4″ wide

NOZZLE G Standard snack stick nozzle 3/8″ dia.

NOZZLE H Pastry filling nozzle

NOZZLE SET NO. 1————Includes nozzles A, B, C.

NOZZLE SET NO. 2————Includes nozzles C, D, E.

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Nozzle A, Nozzle B, Nozzle C, Nozzle D, Nozzle E, Nozzle F, Nozzle G, Nozzle H, Nozzle Set 1 (A, B, C), Nozzle Set 2 (C, D, E)