Tips & Frequently Asked Questions about Jerky Shooter

Here is a list of tips and answers to frequently asked questions about the Jerky Shooter and how to use it to make strips and shapes of jerky from ground beef.

Q. Why add liquid to the meat when you are going to turn around and remove it?

A. Dissolving the recommended amount of seasoning and cure in 1/4 cup of liquid per pound of meat, regardless of the amount of liquid stated on the seasoning package, allows all of the ingredients to be dissolved. By pouring this mixture over your ground meat and mixing thoroughly (approx. 1 to 2 minutes), it is quickly and evenly drawn into the meat to preserve it uniformly.

You will note that the liquid has been absorbed by the meat and the mixture is getting stiffer as you mix it. This indicates that the cure and seasoning has displaced moisture in the meat, thus starting the preserving process. It is normal at this point for the meat to discolor. The liquid also helps lubricate the gun for easy use. Failure to use the correct amount of liquid will invalidate the warranty. The extra liquid does not seem to increase the amount of time required to dehydrate it.

Q. The instructions on the seasoning package are sometimes not the same as in the cookbook or instructions found in other places. Why and which do I use?

A. Jerky Shooter has allowed approved manufacturers of seasoning to substitute their own brand of seasoning in place of our brand Ol’ Bob’s. Because of the different concentrations of the various blends, it is necessary to follow the amount of seasoning and cure recommended on the seasoning packet; however, Jerky Shooter has determined that, for the best results, always use 1/4 cup of liquid per pound of meat always as stated in the Cookbook and various other places. One easy way to ensure the proper amount of liquid is to use our Blending Tube Set.

Q. When do I extrude the meat?

A. Because the particles of ground meat are so small, the cure and seasoning are absorbed very quickly, thus the meat can be extruded as soon as the mixture has absorbed all of the liquid and has become somewhat stiff. Overnight refrigeration is not necessary.

Q. What is the easiest way to get the meat in the tube?

A. Probably the easiest way is to form a log slightly smaller than the tube. After wetting your hands, stand the tube on its nozzle and drop the meat into the tube. The accessory package contains a special measuring funnel that makes the filling of the tube quick and easy or it can also be purchased separately.

Q. What's wrong if the trigger is very hard to pull?

A. Several things can cause this and should not exist if these directions are followed.

  1. The meat should be very lean — 90% lean or better. A buildup of white residue on the inside of the nozzle indicates the meat contains too much fat.
  2. The correct amount of liquid, as stated above, should be used (1/4 cup per pound of meat).
  3. The meat is ground too coarse and is clogging the nozzle. Run the meat through the grinder again.
  4. The meat has become too dry or may have ice crystals in it. Add a small amount of additional liquid and mix well.
  5. Failure to follow the above may cause damage or failure of the gun and void the warranty.
  6. Failure to use 1/4 cup liquid per pound of meat may cause the nozzle to crack and break under pressure.
  7. If the trigger seems to lock up, release the trigger and pull the plunger back slightly by releasing the plunger with the knob on the side and pulling the plunger back and reapply pressure to the trigger. The trigger should be pulled all the way back to the handle before being released for another stroke.
Q. I have a hard time removing or changing the nozzle when it becomes slick. Is there an easy way to do this?

A. Yes. Just keep a paper towel handy. Grasp the nozzle with the paper towel and twist the nozzle counterclockwise, then pull up. It will come right out.

Q. I have more meat mixed than I can dehydrate at one time. What should I do with the extra meat?

A. The best way is to remove the meat from the tube and replace it in a mixing bowl, cover it and put it in the refrigerator or if you have extra Jerky Shooter tubes you can fill them and cover the ends or use our tube storage caps. Do not leave meat in the nozzles for extended periods of time (like overnight) as the salt and cure may tend to weaken the nozzle material. When you are ready to make more jerky add a small amount of liquid and mix again as refrigeration tends to dry and stiffen the mixture. If the surplus can’t be used in 2 days, then it probably should be frozen.

Q. What is the easiest way to clean the Jerky Shooter?

A. The easiest way is to use a baby bottle brush and a bowl or pan that holds approx. 3 to 4 quarts. Fill the container about 1/2 full of hot water while adding a good shot of liquid soap. Clean the meat out of the nozzles with the handles of the measuring spoons and place the nozzles in the pan. Now place one end of the tube in the soapy water and insert the brush in the other end and use a medium push-pull stroke which will soon form a seal and pull the water into the tube. Change the tube ends and repeat. Now that the tube is clean, repeat with a nozzle attached to one end. This will clean the nozzles quickly. It will also prevent the nozzles from being swallowed by the garbage disposal. Clean the rest of the gun normally with the aid of the brush. Do not place in the dish washer!

Q. What should I do if the Jerky Shooter should break?

A. If the gun itself will not function, return it prepaid and it will be repaired or replaced and returned promptly. Do not try to disassemble the gun as there are no parts inside that you can repair yourself and injury could occur from very strong springs being released. If a nozzle should break during use, return it and it will be replaced. If you have followed the directions regarding lean meat, the correct amount of liquid, etc., and the parts don’t show signs of willful abuse there will be no charge for repairs. If you have meat mixed it will be alright to freeze it until your parts are returned. Please send returns to :

Jerky Shooter Inc.
890 Road 160
Emporia, KS 66801-7700
(620) 343-3867 or fax (620) 343-9151

Q. How does online ordering work?

A. Our online shopping cart will allow you to select any of the products you wish to purchase. We do not take payments online for Jerky Shooter products at this time. Print out order and mail with check or money order. You may also print out our order form to complete your order, then mail with payment to:

Jerky Shooter Inc.
890 Road 160
Emporia, KS 66801-7700
(620) 343-3867 or fax (620) 343-9151